My mother looked online and she found out that I am dyslexic.  She told me it is a problem that I have and everyone has problems.  She also told me that  I am very smart.  To help me with my problem she bought a special program that teaches dyslexic kids to read and spell. Because it is also hard for me to write, I am learning how to type. The typing program is called, Kids Typing Express.   We told the company I learned to type in one day and they said, “We never had someone as gifted as your daughter.”  I found out that even if  you have a problem it does not mean that  are not smart.

By M.D,  2nd grade

Kids Typing Express gives those with learning differences the tools to compete and build self esteem through success and accomplishment.


I learned to type in one day.
Kids Typing Express was easy for me to learn.



Learning To Type

Dyslexic Student Learns To Type