Reduce Hunting and Pecking and Increase Your Child’s Creativity

When someone sits down to type, ones hands and fingers become a tool through which ideas flow.  Their fingers glide quickly and easily across the keyboard since there is no searching for keys.  Of course, this is only true for those who have learned how to keyboard properly.

Now try to imagine how distracting it is to try to type your thoughts while you are hunting and pecking.  Not only will searching for correct keys to press slow you down, but you may forget many of your thoughts as your head is bobbing up and down looking for a letter or symbol.

Wouldn’t it be best to learn the skill of keyboarding the correct way from the very beginning?  Keyboard Town PALS can teach your child and will help them achieve this skill.   PALS (Purposeful Associative Learning System) program is developmentally appropriate.

Give your child a skill for success with Keyboard Town PALS!