It Is Up To You

Which has been your experience?  Did you spend a semester or an entire school year learning to type? Or perhaps you were never taught proper technique and were just left to hunt and peck?   Did you try on your own to learn to type?  Did you use one of the programs on the market only to give up?

For those of you who did learn how to type in high school, it is definitely one of those few courses that you are using daily.

In today’s society there is more than a need for learning how to keyboard.  Knowing how to keyboard properly is a must for school and later in the work place!   And I think we would all agree it is a skill that is needed to be learned way before high school.  Furthermore, it is a shame to waste precious school time on teaching a subject over a year or more when it could be taught in a couple of sessions in the computer lab. Yes, there is such a program.  Keyboard Town PALS “Learn To Type” not only accelerates the learning to an hour but it also is age appropriate for children who all need to be keyboarding properly at a very young age.

Keyboard Town PALS is entertaining using puppets, music, humor and association to teach.  Not only is it entertaining for them, but in a few minutes of watching the video they will be typing real words!  In just one hour they will know the location of the 30 letters and symbols on the keyboard!  Nothing is more encouraging or builds self esteem than seeing results.