Walking In Space
  Life Magazine


Three third grade boys wrote their reactions to the photo after learning to type.


1. If I were taking
a space walk,
I would be
both terrified
and so happy.

I would be smiling
for the rest of my life.
but my parents
would probably faint.

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2. If I were flying in space,
I would be excited.
Also I would want to go
because not many people
get to go there.

3. If I were looking down in Space,
I would feel scared
because it is like
Just sitting in mid-air.


A student writes Haiku poetry after learning to type.


Fast Fun and Easy to Learn
I learned to type and now I like to write.


In their places
Resting on Home Key Street
Stretching uptown and downtown
A skill
For a lifetime
Ease of computer use
A new world of self expression
Is yours!
It’s time
For Keyboard Town
Time for learning to start
And it only takes one hour
Let’s go!


Third grade boy writes a story after learning to type.


Kids Typing Express stimulates Creative Writing
After learning to type children start to write stories, songs and poems.

“Guess what I bought you!” said Mommy. “What?”

“A new basketball!”  “Yah! I can’t wait to get home.”

I started playing with my new basketball right away. Boing, bong, boing!

“Please stop bouncing it in the living room.  You can go down the basement to play.”  “But the basement isn’t done.  I could break something.”  “You are right.”

“What can I do, Mommy?”  “You could go to a friend’s house.”

I didn’t feel like going to play with a friend.  I asked if I could then play on the computer and Mommy said okay.  I searched Walmart’s site for basketball hoops. I found one I liked very much and asked Mommy if I could buy it. “Okay, it looks good and not too expensive.” Mommy took me in the car and we bought the hoop.  We set it up and as soon as I started to shoot hoops Mommy asked, “Did you know that I like to play too?” Mommy and I played the rest of the night.  It was so much fun!