From Inkwells To Computer Keyboards

We remember when penmanship was a very important subject in school.  The teacher stood at the blackboard, directing us to make perfect round circles.  We would dip our pens into an inkwell that sat in a hole on the desk.  The ink stained our fingers every time.  We used a little blotter to take off the excess ink that so the carefully drawn cursive letters would not smear.  But, no matter how hard we tried our circles never looked as perfect as the teachers.  Who invented cursive writing, anyway? But it is a good thing that the teacher kept us focused because it is deeply imbedded in our psyches to stick with something until we get it right.   That training has come in handy on many occasions  in our lifetime and was in fact,  the impetus for our creating Keyboard Town PALS; a software product teaches kids to type on a computer in an hour.  Today, children express their thoughts without ink without pens or pencils and without frustration.  In fact, our circles no longer matter as we have progressed from inkwells to computers.