Did you Know that Computer Keyboarding is a Psychomotor Skill?

As an adult, have you ever found yourself driving from home to pick up the kids at school and you don’t remember the drive over? That is because driving is a psychomotor skill and driving to a familiar place has become automatic. When you are behind the wheel and you see a red light ahead, you don’t begin to consider all possible options. You automatically put your foot on the brake because your brain and your muscles have been trained to stop when you see a red light.

Typing is also a psychomotor skill.  A child who has been taught to type (Of course, using Keyboard Town PALS) doesn’t search for the correct keys to press. His/her fingers just fly across the keyboard because typing has become automatic and the child is then free to concentrate on words to express ideas and not on the mechanics of typing.

Give your children the life-long gift of learning to type and this psychomotor skill will benefit them for the rest of their lives.