Computers are not Toys

Would you put your teenage child behind the wheel of a car without prior instruction or training?   Of course you would not.  In order for your teen to be allowed to drive, he/she has to enroll in a Driver’s Ed course, pass written tests, take an eye exam and demonstrate his/her ability to handle a vehicle and drive safely. You certainly would not think it acceptable to let him/her figure out, on their own, how to drive and at some later date try to instill good driving habits.  So why do we allow young children to begin working on a computer without proper instruction? And shouldn’t the proper instruction begin with the keyboard which is the portal to the computer itself? Being taught how to navigate the keyboard properly is the first step.

The problem is that typing programs were developed for a different age group (high school students) and for a different purpose (learning a marketable skill).  However, in today’s society all children are expected to keyboard at a young age.

Is there a product that can teach young children to type automatically that is age appropriate, fun, fast and easy?  If the goal is for the child to stop focusing on the mechanics of typing (hunting and pecking) and be able to concentrate on expressing their thoughts and ideas, then the younger they are trained to type using the correct fingers  the more likely it is that they will write creatively.   That is why Keyboard Town PALS is a great tool for teaching keyboarding.

Keyboard Town PALS focuses on the concept of teaching keyboarding at an age appropriate level and has developed a program that reinforces reading readiness skills.

So before you let your child type their first paper, make sure they’ve had Keyboard Town PALS to teach them the skills!