A Good Soldier

What is the specific quality that we admire in a good soldier? Is it just that he is obedient and follows instructions?   There must be something more to learn from the behavior of the obedient soldier because if it were just that he follows orders without question then we could have an army of robots.  It has to be something deeper than just obedience.

Could part of it be that we admire his ability “to do what needs to be done? “   And is that different from saying that he “does what he is told to do?”

Ask any soldier who is given an order and he will tell you that he certainly is following those orders but more importantly, he is applying his training to successfully fulfill those orders.   His job “is doing what needs to be done”   with no room for excuses.

How do we train our children to respond as the soldier does and “to do what needs to be done?”

We, as adults, are doing things all day long that “need to be done”.   Many of these chores are daily chores.  One prepares food only to see it eaten. One makes the bed only to see it messed.  One washes the clothes only to see them get dirty again.   We knowingly work in the morning aware that our efforts are torn down by night.    Are we crazy? No! This is the behavior of the good soldier or the good mom.  To raise good adults, children must practice adult behavior and do things asked of them for no other reason other than they need to be done.  Be prepared and expect your children to come up with excuses why they can’t.  You will not be doing your child any favors if you allow them to indulge in childish, self-centered behavior.  Be strong in the knowledge that you are “raising a child to be a mature adult.”

One thing that today’s child needs to do is learn to type! Thank goodness for Keyboard Town PALS that has taken the drudgery out of learning to type.